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1833 & 1837 Clinton Ave. – Today’s Alameda Treasures

Today’s Alameda Treasures are a pair of Queen Anne beauties created in 1891 at 1833 and 1837 Clinton Ave. by renowned local builder Joseph A.…

"Don't Call Them ‘Victorians’" West End Tour Photos

A group of about three dozen people (and a few nice doggos) met at Washington Park this past Saturday morning for the “Don’t Call Them…

Fred P. Fischer House — Today's Alameda Treasure

To paraphrase Yogi Berra, “you can see a lot just by looking.” That’s true everywhere, but perhaps especially in Alameda, where there are so many…

Photos from the Gold Coast

A beautiful day for a walk around the Gold Coast, admiring and learning about architecture Over fifty people met at Franklin Park this past Saturday…

Alameda's Architectural Treasure Chest - Don't Call them 'Victorians'!

Our homes reflect the attitude and feelings prevalent at the time they were built. The Greek Revival style recalls that time when — reeling from…
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