Alameda Weather

Current Conditions for Alameda, CA

Current conditions: clear sky with a temperature of 77.5 °F. Humidity is 60 % and the barometer reading is 30.05 inHg and stable. The wind is out of the W at 1.0 mph, with a maximum of 3.0 mph gusts. Today’s high temperature so far is 79.7 °F, and a low of 54.0 °F.

Alameda Five-Day Forecast

  • Sunrise

    7:06 am


    6:49 pm

    Moon phase

    68 %


    10:21 pm


    1:12 pm

    Current Weather Readings

    UV index

    Air quality index


    Cloud base alt.


    Rain rate

    Dew point

    Wind source & speed

    1.0 mph

    Wind chill

    Today’s temperature & humidity

    Today’s wind direction & strength

    This week’s temperatures

    Today’s tides

    Alameda, San Francisco Bay, California

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