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We’re excited that you’re reading this! We have big plans to bring a new source for news and information to Alameda, both in digital and printed form. We want to be your first choice for accurate and trustworthy news and information about everything to do with Alameda. We have already started the website (you’re on it now). Over the coming months, we hope you will participate in and support our growth. As a nonprofit community news organization, we depend on your support and will strive to be a reflection of your wants and needs for information about all of Alameda.

There are many communities, issues, events, and concerns that are not found in Alameda’s current news landscape. We want to cover all of Alameda — every age, ethnicity, culture, community organization, social concern, political issue, neighborhood, business, and resident — equally. Alameda’s diversity is one of our strengths, and we want to recognize all our local voices without judgment or bias. With the rise in citizen reporting, and the ease of content production facilitated by modern technology, we hope to encourage local residents to alert us to and contribute stories and content about important topics that the community might not otherwise learn about.

Why Now?

The Alameda Post was incorporated in January, 2022 with the idea to create a modern, reliable, and trustworthy local news source for all of Alameda. It became clear that now is the right time to launch a brand new news organization, dedicated to thorough coverage of all things Alameda, from the tip of Alameda Point across the island to Bay Farm Island, right to the edge of Oakland Airport.

Locally Operated, Locally Produced

We are right in the middle of the Bay Area and the East Bay, but our community is distinct from the surrounding cities, with our own history, concerns, and needs. Our neighbors deserve to be informed about the issues that affect them, and they deserve that information in a timely and useful manner. Our staff and contributors are all based in Alameda and part of our local community.

Our mission statement is

The Alameda Post serves the community by reporting current news and information, promoting community groups, diversity, and cultural awareness, and preserving Alameda’s history for future generations.

It’s a set of objectives we don’t take lightly. We love and understand Alameda with all its complexities and will share the insight and knowledge that our decades of experience can provide. With the rapid changes around the community, due to COVID-19 and development, and other concerns, there are many important issues to track and understand. By being a part of the community and aware of current events and issues, we are positioned to provide relevant, incisive and in-depth coverage of the stories that Alamedans care about most. We have established a physical office, although, due to pandemic restrictions, we will be operating virtually for the time being.

A Nonprofit News Organization

Alameda Post Inc. has filed paperwork to register as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation. That means first and foremost our focus will be journalism and information for the public benefit. Our objective will never be making a profit for shareholders — in fact, legally, it cannot. As a nonprofit, we apply for grants and funding allocated to journalism and news coverage. With the assistance of our fiscal sponsor, West End Arts District, we are now accepting donations and support from the public, with proceeds supporting business operations.

We function like any other news organization — our editorial staff remains independent and beholden to no interests. We ensure that all staff and contributors are fairly compensated for their work. We are committed to supporting the people who work with us. 

Digital First

Most news is consumed online in 2022. This is a fact that no other local news outlet has embraced. We have made the Alameda Post a modern, useful, digital-first news source, to be supported by print editions we anticipate launching in 2023. Our website is optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to stay informed while on the go.

We leverage the immediacy of digital publishing to ensure our readers get news in a timely fashion, rather than making them rely solely on a weekly roundup that is already out of date. The Alameda Post has fully embraced social media, using the strengths of networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others to share compelling stories and to elicit reader feedback. 

Community Support and Supporting Our Community

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of community organizations and nonprofits in Alameda, each focused on an important issue. As a nonprofit organization, we recognize how difficult it can be to raise awareness, not to mention support and funding. We are working with as many of our local groups as possible to share their efforts, goals, and messaging with our readers, by dedicating space to their content. Our goal is to expose our readers to the great work these groups do, and to encourage their participation to enrich our community. If you represent a community organization or local nonprofit and would like to provide content, please email [email protected].

About Us

Dennis Evanosky

Dennis Evanosky lives in Oakland’s Laurel District. He is the Alameda Post’s Editor and Secretary for Alameda Post Inc. Until the end of 2021, he was the editor and publisher of the Alameda Sun. He has written and published five books about Oakland and Alameda history and seven books for his London publisher, Pavilion Books. Dennis wrote and edited the Alameda County Historical Society’s quarterly newsletter for ten years. He served the Oakland Heritage Alliance as its newsletter editor for two years and sat on the Alameda Museum Board of Directors for five years, two of them as president.

Dennis has received four Partners in Preservation Awards from the Oakland History Alliance: for a calendar featuring the Oakland Laurel district’s history; for restoring the Civil War section of Mountain View Cemetery; for assisting Bill Caldwell with Oakland: A Photographic Journey; and as a member of the Oakland Heritage Alliance’s walking-tour team.

Dennis has served as a docent at Mountain View Cemetery and at the Pardee Home Museum for twenty-four years. He leads about twenty-five different history walking tours for the cities of Oakland and Alameda. He is currently working on a documentary and book about the arrival of the transcontinental railroad in Alameda and Oakland in 1869.

Adam Gillitt

An avowed news junkie, Adam Gillitt has been involved with journalism and publishing in one form or another for most of his life. Starting in high school, Adam has worked for a multitude of publications, as a journalist, contributor, designer, editor, and publisher. After graduating from Brown University with an English degree in 1993, he worked at the Harvard Business School’s weekly paper, The Harbus News, first as an editorial designer and then as layout editor. He has worked for and contributed to a variety of publications including ZDNet News, Odyssey Magazine, MacEdition, Wind River’s blog network, and Techi.com. He most recently worked as the managing editor of a local weekly newspaper. He is the president and treasurer of Alameda Post Inc. and the publisher and creative director of the Alameda Post.

Adam is also an accomplished graphic designer and web developer, honing his skills for companies including Pacific Bell, cNet, TechTV, Funny or Die, The Futon Shop, and Zarges, Inc. Since 2006, he has operated Gillico Worldwide from Alameda, providing graphic design, web development, and marketing services to local, national, and international clients. As well, he is an experienced photographer. His photos have been shown in galleries and sold to the public, and he has contributed others to many publications. He has served on Alameda’s Public Art Commission since 2016, and was elected as Chair in 2019. He was previously director, VP, and president of the Alameda Museum. Adam is a 20-year resident of Alameda and shares a 115-year-old house on the west side of the island with his partner, Ben, and their two cats.

Julia Park Tracey

Julia Park Tracey (@juliaparktracey on social media) is the board member at large for Alameda Post Inc. She brings valuable insight to our efforts, contributing decades of experience as an award-winning journalist for publications including the San Francisco Chronicle and Alameda Magazine, writer, poet, and founding editor of the Alameda Sun. She is Poet Laureate emeritus of the City of Alameda. Her books include Amaryllis: Collected Poems, Veronica Layne Gets the Scoop, and Tongues of Angels.

We anticipate adding additional board members from the community in the coming months, for a projected total of seven board members. If you are interested in becoming a member of our board, please contact us at [email protected].

Advisory Board

Although we have considerable experience with journalism and publishing, we will be asking members of the community with relevant experience to act as an informal advisory board to help us. These people will not be directly involved with the business or production of content, but will instead act as unpaid consultants as we develop the business and make choices about our future.

Next Steps

We have a lot of work to do before we can fully provide the news and information that Alamedans want and need. We have started meeting with local civic, business and community leaders to get their input and suggestions at the highest level. We need to accurately gauge the level of community support — both ideologically and financially — if we are to succeed. We are now actively fundraising and seeking support for our efforts from the community, local businesses, and other organizations.

We will be providing the community with additional news and information in a variety of ways: community events and forums, new sections of content on our site, new podcasts and publications, film documentaries, collaborations with other local organizations, and much more. Stay tuned to learn more as we grow!

How Can You Help?

We are looking for people who want to work with us and contribute to our efforts. Please contact us at [email protected] and let us know how you’d like to help. We’re especially looking for investigative reporters, writers, content creators, business & office support, print designers, and website producers. If you have other skills you would like to share with us, please let us know.

If you’d prefer to make a financial contribution to our efforts, please send an email to [email protected] and we will make the appropriate arrangements.  Contributions made directly to Alameda Post Inc. before we are confirmed as a 501 (c) (3) may not be tax-deductible. A list of our major donors and sponsors will be made available on our website. In the interest of full transparency, we will not accept anonymous contributions.

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