History Walking Tours

As part of our commitment to educate and inform about local history, we are presenting an ongoing series of walking tours around Alameda. Join our award-winning Historian Dennis Evanosky for leisurely walks that will leave you with a greater appreciation and understanding of Alameda’s history. We will explore a wide range of topics including early residents, architecture, the environment, transportation, cultures, and other topics of historical significance.

Alameda Post - Alameda Post's award-winning Historian, Dennis Evanosky
Dennis Evanosky leads a history walking tour near one of Alameda's lagoons in February, 2023. Photo Adam Gillitt.

Each tour will meet at the time and date stated and will end where it started. Our walks will cover 90–100 minutes over 1–2 miles. We suggest you wear comfortable shoes as well as sunblock, and bring water. Mobility devices, strollers (kids under 4 are FREE!), and well-behaved (or especially cute) dogs are always welcome.

We are using money raised to cover some of the expenses incurred running a nonprofit news and information source to serve Alameda. We hope you will join us and have some fun learning about Alameda’s history!

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Upcoming Tours

March 18 & April 2, 2023 — Bay Farm Island B. C.

Alameda Post - 1894 map of Bay Farm Island
In this 1894 map the marsh land dwarfs the Bay Farm uplands that appear as a white leaf. We will see on our tour how that leaf remains today. This helps us define how the Europeans shaped the landscape to suit their needs. Notice the oyster company and the names of the early settlers carved into the marsh and on the uplands. The railroad on the map began as a arrow-gauge train that carried passengers and freight to and from Santa Cruz. From the David Rumsey collection.
Alameda Post - Bay Farm Island BC walking tour April 2, 2023

Previous Tours

February 25 & March 5, 2023 — Gold Coast Architecture: Caroline and Weber streets

Alameda Post - Detail from George Cram's 1908 Atlas, highlighting Caroline and Weber streets.
Detail from George Cram's 1908 Atlas, highlighting Caroline and Weber streets. (Yes, it is misspelled on the map)

February 12, 2023 - Teutonia Park and Homestead

January 29, 2023 - The Architecture of Paru Street

September, 2022 – Alameda’s Parks and their Neighborhoods

August, 2022 – Architecture of the East End​

July, 2022 – Alameda’s Innovative Streetcars

June, 2022 – Alameda’s Changing Shoreline