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Special Report: Gimme (a New) Shelter

Bear’s-Eye View of Alameda for February 19, 2023

Alameda Post - Bear's-Eye View of Alameda for February 19, 2023. A graphic showing foster dogs that says "All pets must go. Huge February Clearance Sale. Foster for FAAS = $100* Foster any of these featured dogs and the B-EV will buy you dinner at a local Alameda Restaurant * Applicants must be approved by FAAS and foster for the full 30 day period of the kennel project. Offer subject to availability of dogs shown in post.

I think most of you know that I got this reporter gig because I was living in the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter after being transferred down from the Solano animal shelter when those fires broke out a few years ago.

What you may not know is that I was there for seven months, and while I have some very fond memories of my stay there, thanks to people like Steve and Nanou, I was so happy to have a forever home and a job to boot. The kennels are now 40 years old and really so retro.

Well, the old kennels are getting replaced with new state of the art kennels. All is going well—except for one thing, FAAS needs to find foster homes for all the canines currently in residence during the renovation period which is March 1 to about March 30.

We at the Bear’s-Eye View of Alameda are joining the effort to find temporary foster homes for all the big dogs (especially the shepherds) by offering to buy a meal for anyone who fosters one of the dogs included in this report.

How it works

Head down to FAAS at 1590 Fortmann Way when the office is open (noon to 4 PM Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday), check out all my friends, and then fill out an application. Hope you both enjoy that first walk around the neighborhood. DON’T FORGET THE POOP BAGS. Need a roll, give me a call: 510-865-7369.

If you send me a picture of your family with your foster friend, I will post it in one of my reports. At the end of March, we will reconnect so I can get the information on your favorite Alameda restaurant for the $100 gift certificate.

Just to be clear, you do not need to bring back your foster buddy in order to get the gift certificate. In fact, I am hoping this trial run will convince you that us bigger dogs are really great additions to any family. Just remember that we all have our own personalities, and it takes a few weeks for us to get adjusted to your routine.

I hope you all will be heading to FAAS on Wednesday to check out all the opportunities. Khazem has been at the shelter for a while and can use a break, so please include my friend in your tour.

I hope my report for next week will be full of pictures of all the foster families.

Make me proud Alameda!

Bear's paws

Mouf, Roving Reporter
Bear’s-Eye View of Alameda

Mouf and his human companion can be reached via [email protected]. Their stories are collected at All photos by Jeff Cambra.

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