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Tag: pedestrian safety

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City Council Adopts Active Transportation Plan

In a continuation of its December 6 meeting held Tuesday, December 20, City Council approved a resolution to adopt the Active Transportation Plan (ATP). The…

Envisioning Canine (and Pedestrian) Safety

Bear’s-Eye View of Alameda for August 21, 2022. My lead story and image for this week’s report is called “Envisioning Canine (and Pedestrian) Safety,” because…

Grand Street Resurfacing Project Approved

Approval includes amendment for ADA review, other amendments. At its June 22 meeting, City Council voted to proceed with the Grand Street Resurfacing and Safety…

Lincoln Avenue Corridor Improvements - City Seeks Input

The City of Alameda has identified the Lincoln Avenue / Marshall Way / Pacific Avenue corridor as a high priority for safety and mobility improvements.…
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