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Three Big City Council Votes Coming on Tuesday

West Midway Project, RESHAP, Grand Street bikeway up for approval

The City Council will have its hands full on Tuesday, July 18, as it considers three major projects for approval—the West Midway Project, RESHAP, and a proposed Grand Street bikeway. Alameda residents are encouraged to attend and share their opinions.

Alameda Post - an image of what the West Midway Project houses could look like
One of the images from the West Midway Project proposal. Image presented by KTGY at the May 22, 2023, Planning Board meeting.

West Midway Project

The City of Alameda Planning Board unanimously approved the West Midway Development Plan on May 22, advancing the development agreement to the City Council for discussion and voting at its July 18 meeting.

As previously reported in our extensive coverage on the West Midway Development Plan and the adjacent RESHAP (Rebuilding Existing Supportive Housing at Alameda Point) project by Post writer Karin K. Jensen, the plan includes constructing 478 housing units, 10,000 square feet of non-residential uses, associated infrastructure, and open space on 26 acres of land at Alameda Point. The Planning Board has also recommended that the City Council approve the West Midway Development Agreement with Catellus Development Corporation and Brookfield Properties.

West Midway Development is a priority project for the City’s Housing Element, one of three projects that are critical to the City’s commitment to building 1,482 housing units over eight years at Alameda Point. In addition to housing, the project provides vital infrastructure and site preparation for the adjacent RESHAP project.

Alameda Post - an aerial view of Alameda Point, including an outline of where RESHAP housing would be built
The outlined section of the map indicates land to be used by RESHAP project. Image Planing Board meeting May 8, 2023, Exhibit 2 RESHAP Development Plan.


RESHAP will include 309 housing units for low-income, very low-income, and extremely low-income residents, with associated services and community spaces, and up to eight units for on-site managers and staff. The project is bordered by Midway Avenue, Ardent Way, Avenue B, and Pan Am Way, and will replace 200 deteriorating Navy dormitory units in the Main Street neighborhood.

RESHAP involves MidPen Housing constructing new supportive housing for the Alameda Point Collaborative, Operation Dignity, and Building Futures for Women and Children. The West Midway Project is critical to the successful implementation of the RESHAP project and the City of Alameda Housing Element 2023-2031.

Alameda Post - a map of Alameda with a line along Grand Street from Shore Line to Clement
Image City of Alameda.

Grand Street bikeway

The Transportation Commission recommended on June 21 that City Council approve a new design for a continuous, separated two-way bikeway along the full corridor of Grand Street, from Shore Line Drive to Clement Avenue.

This design is significantly different from prior designs City Council considered/adopted at its October 4, 2022, October 18, 2022, and November 1, 2022 meetings—and the cost would be considerably greater. (See the full report on the amended Grand Street Safety Improvement Project and the City of Alameda Grand Street project web page.) This new recommendation, plus the additional funding needed to build the project, will be considered for approval at the July 18 Council meeting.

Council meeting information

Alameda residents may attend the open session of the City Council meeting on July 18 at 7 p.m., either in person at City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Ave., or online on Zoom. Register for the Zoom meeting online. The meeting agenda is posted online (printable PDF file) for reference.

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