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Updated: Alameda Election Results Trickle In, Slowly

Latest batch only shows change in DA race.

Updated Tuesday, Nov. 15, 6:45 p.m.

Alameda Post - Latest AC ROV update, November 15, 2022Today’s release of counted ballots for Alameda County ROV’s Unofficial Post Election Update #3 added approximately 2,500 to the tally from Alameda. All the city candidates and measures continue to show the same results as the count inches closer to being final. The only change to any race affecting Alameda was in the count for Alameda County District Attorney, where Pamela Price is now leading Terry Wiley by just under a percentage point.

More results coming soon, as over 10,000 ballots remain to be counted for the City and more than ten times as many for the County. Check with the Alameda Post for the latest numbers.

Latest City of Alameda election results, November 15, 2022

Alameda Mayor

  • Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft – 57.3%
  • Trish Spencer – 36.7%
  • Barack D. Obama Shaw – 6.0%

Alameda City Council

  • Tony Daysog – 29.1%
  • Tracy Jensen – 20.4%
  • Hannah Groce – 16.6%
  • Jim Oddie – 15.8%
  • Paul Beusterien – 14.8%
  • Bill Pai – 3.3%

AUSD Board

  • Gary Lym – 39.6%
  • Ryan Lalonde – 29.7%
  • Leland Traiman – 15.4%
  • Maria Elena Moreno Van Maren – 15.3%

Measure E

Yes – 52.9% / No – 47.1%

Measure F

Yes – 58.1% / No – 41.9%

Latest Alameda County election results

County Supervisor Third District

  • Lena Tam – 53.5%
  • Rebecca Kaplan – 46.6%

Alameda County DA

  • Pamela Price – 50.4%
  • Terry Wiley – 49.6%

AC Transit Ward 3

  • Sarah Syed – 68.2%
  • Stewart G. Chen – 31.8%

AC Transit At-Large

  • Joel Young – 58.2%
  • Alfred Twu – 41.8%

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters has released another batch of Alameda election results from the November 8, 2022 election. Their last update was on Thursday; the office was closed to observe Veterans Day on Friday. This new count, released at 4:26 p.m., includes fewer than 4,000 votes from Alameda residents. The County lists 29,365 ballots returned from Alamedans, but the total numbers of votes counted in the Mayoral race (including those who voted in person at polling stations on Election Day) only totals 16,098 so far. That means approximately 50% of Alameda’s vote has yet to be counted.

Alameda Post - Latest AC ROV update, November 14, 2022

Unsurprisingly, with so few additional votes counted, there have not been any changes to the leaders of any of the races so far. Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft has increased her lead to almost 20% ahead of challenger, former mayor and current Councilmember Trish Herrera Spencer. Ashcraft looks likely to be the victor, but with so many votes yet to be counted, the Post is not ready to call the race.

Tony Daysog and Tracy Jensen remain ahead of the other candidates, and Paul Beusterien has now dropped to fifth place. With his nearly double digit lead over Jensen, Daysog has almost certainly secured himself another term on City Council, but the race to replace John Knox White is not yet decided.

Gary Lym and Ryan LaLonde continue to hold comfortable leads for the race for the AUSD board and are likely to be seated in January. Lym has just under 40% of the vote, and LaLonde has nearly double the votes of the two trailing candidates.

Both City measures lead according to the current count. For Measure E, concerning City Council pay, yes votes now lead by almost 5%, where previous tallies showed voters almost evenly split. Yes votes on Measure F, the Transit Occupancy Tax increase, continue to outpace no votes by almost 15% and looks likely to be approved.

Around Alameda County, the close District Attorney race has gotten even closer. Pamela Price has narrowed the gap with Terry Wiley and currently trails by less than 1%. Lena Tam’s lead over Rebecca Kaplan for Alameda County Supervisor has diminished slightly, but she is still ahead by 7% of votes counted.

However, the AC Transit races have clear winners at this point. Sarah Syed has over two-thirds of the vote for Ward 3, soundly defeating Stewart Chen, while Joel Young will hold his At-Large seat after a strong challenge from Alfred Twu.

Again, with about half of Alameda’s votes yet to be counted, none of these results are final or certified. The next tallies from the County are not expected until week’s end. Stay with the Alameda Post for our ongoing election coverage until we can declare the winners.

Counted Ballots as of 4:26 p.m. November 14, 2022

City of Alameda election results

Alameda Mayor
  • Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft — 56.42%
  • Trish Spencer — 37.41%
  • Barack D. Obama Shaw — 6.17%
Alameda City Council
  • Tony Daysog — 29.45%
  • Tracy Jensen — 20.69%
  • Hannah Groce — 16.03%
  • Jim Oddie — 15.52%
  • Paul Beusterien — 14.86%
  • Bill Pai (withdrew from race) — 3.45%
AUSD Board
  • Gary Lym — 39.34%
  • Ryan Lalonde — 28.94%
  • Leland Traiman — 16.05%
  • Maria Elena Moreno Van Maren — 15.67%
Measure E

Yes — 52.35% / No — 47.65%

Measure F

Yes — 57.64% / No — 42.36%

Alameda County election results

County Supervisor Third District
  • Lena Tam — 53.62%
  • Rebecca Kaplan — 46.38%
Alameda County DA
  • Terry Wiley — 50.42%
  • Pamela Price — 49.58%
AC Transit Ward 3
  • Sarah Syed — 67.48%
  • Stewart G. Chen — 32.52%
AC Transit At Large
  • Joel Young — 59.11%
  • Alfred Twu — 40.89%

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