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In Memory of Bear

Bear’s-Eye View of Alameda

April 2, 2006 was the birthday of the founding roving reporter and namesake for The Bear’s-Eye View of Alameda. For those that knew Bear, this can be a bittersweet commemoration. I know that my human companion still gets melancholy on this date, and I am sure that for many of you that have lost an animal companion, you experience the same feelings.

Alameda Post - Bear: black lab mix
Judy / Boots, with both front knees broken.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge all of you that have experienced a loss and the lingering emotions that rise up on certain days or when visiting places that you shared together.

Alameda Post - Bear: Judy
Double elbow orthopedic surgery

Bear was and I certainly am a huge supporter of Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter. After all, they provided me with the best care any unhoused dog could have. To Steve, Nanou, and all the staff here is a big THANK YOU.

On behalf of Bear and in honor of his birthday, I am going to recognize FAAS for the great work they do by sharing the story of Boots and ask you to honor Bear, Boots or a companion that you hold close in your heart by making a donation to the Angel Fund, which provides the money needed for emergency medical services to injured animals that make it to the shelter.

Alameda Post - Bear: Boots in sling
Physical therapy – “Ouch!”

Boots (formerly Judy) hit the FAAS radar shortly after Jeff saw a post on Next Door showing a video of a puppy rolling on the floor unable to stand up on her front legs. It was heart wrenching. He immediately contacted FAAS to alert them of the situation.

Within minutes, Steve F. of the FAAS staff had made arrangements for this pup to be transferred to an orthopedic veterinary surgeon at SAGE in Redwood City. The next day, Boots was recovering from major surgery. ($$) With such a complicated procedure, it was not unusual to need to go back a second time to make an additional adjustment, and unfortunately, this was the case for Boots. So, after enduring some uncomfortable physical therapy, she had a second surgery. ($$$$)

Thanks to the skilled vet surgeons and a strong-willed patient, Boots came through like a champ and once again was ready for the long road to full recovery. By September of 2021, she was out of her splints and playing with her new “brother” Archer.

Alameda Post - Bear: A1 Judy LR
Second surgery!

One morning in late January, she was having serious problems using her front left leg. Back to SAGE where X-Rays showed inflammation around all the hardware and implants, which resulted in a third surgery ($$$$$$) to remove the foreign objects.

Alameda Post - Bear: Boots in water therapy
Aquatic therapy

There was a lot of anxiety about removing the hardware, and everyone hoped the bones were strong enough to carry the weight of a growing and very active pup.

At last report, Boots was happy, healthy, and had a little limp in that left front leg, which hasn’t slowed her down in the least bit.

Alameda Post - Bear: Boots obstacle course
Treat therapy… YUM!

Without FAAS’s intervention and a huge amount of money from the Angel Fund, which is the donation account designated and reserved for emergency medical expenses exactly like the medical care Boots received, this little pup would be a memory in an old post on Next Door.

Alameda Post - Bear: Boots Christmas
Boots’ first Christmas

I am setting the goal for this FAAS fundraising/tribute event at $25,000 in hopes of recouping some of the enormous cost of emergency medical services for Boots and others that have benefited from the Angel Fund. You can donate directly on the FAAS website. Be sure to select the Angel Fund for Emergency Medical Services.

Alameda Post - Bear: Boots with Archer
Archer and Boots

Please consider donating any amount to help the animals that will need medical attention in the future AND to honor the memory of a past companion. If you enjoy my weekly reports, you can donate “In memory of Bear — Roving Reporter for the Bear’s-Eye View of Alameda.”

Alameda Post - Bear: Amanda and Boots
Boots and her human companion, Amanda

FAAS and I are grateful for any contribution you would enjoy making. If you can make a donation of $100 or more, I will put your name into a drawing for a limited-edition Bear’s-Eye View of Alameda coffee mug.

Alameda Post - Bear: birthday cover image

Wishing you the best of Sundays,


Mouf and his human companion can be reached via [email protected] All photos by Jeff Cambra.

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