Christmas Tree Lane — Alameda’s Holiday Tradition for 83 Years

Alameda Post — Christmas Tree Lane decorations

Alamedans are known for decorating their homes and front yards lavishly for any holiday of greater importance than Arbor Day. Valentine’s Day, July 4th, Halloween, and Thanksgiving bring out a variety of inflatables, decorations, and set pieces around the city. But nothing compares to the displays local residents put on for Christmas and the winter […]

Did You Know? Artesian Water Works Building

Alameda Post - Artesian Water Works Building on Park St. Alameda

Did you know that Park Street used to have a water tower by the corner of Central Avenue? All that remains is one wall, located between the storefronts of Toy Safari and DeLauer’s Newsstand, which most of us have walked by without even noticing! Before EBMUD was Alameda’s primary water provider, Robert R. Thompson established […]