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Tag: healthy eating

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Turning Eats Into Energy

You’ve had a long day and you are exhausted. Thinking about your day, it makes sense since you’ve been so busy, right? Or could it…

The Powerful Persimmon

It was shiny, orange, and through my childhood eyes—orange was my favorite color until the age of eight—so pretty. My grandma turned over the heart-shaped…

Let’s Give ’em Pumpkin to Talk About

Okay, that was pretty bad, but even Cinderella’s fairy godmother knew pumpkins were magical gourds. Winter, spring, summer and pumpkin are the four seasons of…

My Last Faire Sausage

Or, the Aspiring Vegan. I can recall the exact day and time I decided to “explore” the idea of going vegan. It was in 2018,…
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