Two Birds From Alameda

Alameda Post - Two Birds from Alameda for February 16, 2023. Panel 1 through Panel 3 are all text that take up the entire panel. Panels 1 through 3 read: “Warning: This week, we are giving time to a new character named Old Coot. The views expressed by him do not necessarily reflect those of anyone ever. This comic may contain adult language that is inappropriate for children, especially with his stated topic of school closures. Viewer discretion is advised. We take you now to that gross little pond behind the tennis courts to hear from Old Coot. This is your last chance to look away... Ready? Ok…” Panel 4: A disheveled looking coot stands in front of a dirty brown background. He has all black feathers, red eyes, a white beak, and greenish yellow feet. He says, “Wanna know what I think?!...” Text at the bottom of the panel reads: “That’s all the time we have this week.”

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