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Objections — Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Andrew Thomas’s April 19 editorial (Why is Alameda Making Plans to Add More Housing) is very informative and accurate with the significant exception of the sentence stating, “Some argue that the Alameda City Council should avoid their responsibility to comply with State law.”

The letters in the “correspondence” file attached to Item 6-B of the May 3 City Council meeting agenda from Alameda Citizens Task Force (ACT), Alameda Architectural Preservation Society (AAPS), and many individuals recognize and support the need to achieve a certified housing element. In fact, the April draft housing element contains an acknowledgement of the assistance of both ACT and AAPS in preparing the draft.

The primary objections expressed in these letters are to the proposal in the draft to increase density in our R-2 thru R-6 zoning districts and to the proposed height allowance for residential development above the commercial buildings in our business districts. We do not think either of these proposals are wise or legally required to achieve a certified housing element. You can review the letters submitted on both sides, the staff report, the draft housing element and proposed upzoning amendments at:

Paul Foreman, Alameda.

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