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Math Puzzle for May 17, 2024

A triangle ignores Euclid’s warning and gets embroiled in a circle

Alameda Post - a triangle with sides A, B, and C is inside a circle. All three of the tips of the triangle touch the circle

A triangle, with sides A, B and C, is inscribed within a circle.
The lengths of side A is x² − 15, of side B is x² − 8, and of side C is 8x − 1.
The triangle has a perimeter P equal to 168 units.
Find the area A of the circle.

A = ______ square units

The first correct answer sent to [email protected] wins a gift card worth much ice cream at Tucker’s Ice Cream of Alameda.

Last week’s winner was Summer Lam with A =  461.61415  square units.

Jeff Smith is a former Math teacher and a retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander. Reach him at [email protected].

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