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Math Puzzle for January 19, 2024

Fairweather Miami Dolphins lose to robust Kansas City Chiefs in coldest NFL game ever—minus four degrees—Frosty makes Epiphany

Alameda Post - a graphic of a snowman

For the sake of simplicity, Frosty is three stacked spheres, tangent to each other.
Ignoring all else, the weight of Frosty’s snow alone is exactly 72 kilograms.
The diameters of his three spheres have a diminishing ratio R = 0.64.
Frosty’s snow has a density ρ = 0.33361 grams per cubic centimeter.
Ignoring his hat, find the total height H of Frosty’s three spheres.

H = _________ centimeters

The first correct answer sent to [email protected] wins a gift card worth a lot of ice cream at Tucker’s Ice Cream of Alameda.

Last week’s winner was Carson Denison with C = 3.00 centimeters.

Jeff Smith is a former Math teacher and a retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander. Reach him at [email protected].

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