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Guy Fieri is Ready to Wiggle into Your Heart

Pet of the Week for April 13, 2024

If ever there was a dog whose very soul marched to the beat of the giddy song, “Happy Dog,” it’s Guy Fieri. Check out his FAAS Instagram reel where it looks like the popular social media hit was composed just for him!

Alameda Post - Guy Fieri the adoptable dog in a graphic. He has the hair and sunglasses of the real life Guy Fieri
Illustration by Amanda Laird. FAAS photo, utilizing font generator.

In part, his wiggly, exuberant gait is because he’s an energetic, sweet, goofy guy at heart. And in part it’s because of a benign neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. It causes him to have a kind of wonky way of moving, but he gets around just fine and doesn’t seem to know he has a problem. In fact, the condition contributes a joyful feeling that spreads to anyone watching him go for a walk or play with other dogs.

At one point, Guy’s life wasn’t filled with this joie de vivre. He and sister Julia Child (also adoptable at FAAS) and brother Bobby Flay (in foster-to-adopt) spent the first several months of their lives living in a crate and rarely if ever getting out. When they arrived at FAAS, they were so fearful they would flatten to the ground at almost any new sight or sound. They didn’t even know what doorways were and were terrified to go through them.

Alameda Post - Guy Fieri enjoying the grass and sun
FAAS photos.

They’re all thriving now. Guy Fieri is really energetic sometimes, and can be mouthy, but he’s easy to redirect. It’s not an aggression issue; it’s over-exuberance, and he’s improving nicely with training. (FYI: FAAS reimburses for up to $200 in training!) He needs a patient, loving home that doesn’t have any young children. The ideal home would have another dog he can play with, because that gives him confidence, and Guy loves playing and hanging out with other dogs.

Alameda Post - Guy Fieri the dog rolls in the grass
FAAS photo.

If this happy hound sounds like he could be the Guy for you, come and meet him any day but Monday, from noon to 4 p.m., at the FAAS main shelter at 1590 Fortmann Way. Learn more about him on the FAAS website. And remember, for the month of April, it costs only $40 to adopt an adult pet like Guy!

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