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AUSD Extends Invite for Round Tables, Wood Construction Meeting

AUSD Equity Round Tables for underserved families, staff, students

Our public schools reflect the community in which we live but have not always served all of us equally well. Alameda Unified School District’s Equity Round Tables identify needs, communicate with staff, and hold events with the aim of providing further supports to our students, staff, and families who have been underserved in the past.

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All of the Round Tables are open to new members this year. For each of the Round Tables, the following describes the work they do with links to their web pages for community members who may be interested in getting involved.

The Alameda Mosaic Educational Advisory Committee provides a forum for families of African American/ Black/Multiethnic students to share their voices, become more knowledgeable about district resources, and learn how to navigate the complex educational landscape in order to advocate more effectively for their students. The group meets the last Wednesday of the month on Zoom.

The Alcance Latino Achievement Round Table promotes a positive and successful educational experience for Latino students in Alameda by developing a strong network of community, parents, and students that connect, support, and create successful pathways to achieve academic and personal success. The group meets on the third Wednesday of every month at the AUSD District Office.

The Asian Pacific Islander Round Table works to ensure academic success and social-emotional well-being for API students through a wide range of efforts, including ensuring equitable access to opportunities, reducing covert acts of bias and overt acts of hate, and building more accurate community knowledge about complex API experiences and histories. The group meets the fourth Thursday of the month on Zoom.

The Jewish Round Table is a resource for Jewish students, staff, and the Alameda community as well. The purpose is to advocate for the human rights of Jewish students and represent Jewish culture and the history of its people. This round table meets the third Wednesday of the month over Zoom.

The LGBTQ Round Table serves to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment to ensure that all LGBTQ+ community members can thrive in AUSD, including by advising the district LGBTQ+ curriculum and policy and supporting students, family, and staff.

The Muslim Round Table seeks to support Muslim students, staff, and families, and raise awareness of the Islamic religion and culture. Islam is a religion of universalism, tolerance, peace, and reconciliation.

The Alameda Special Education Family Support Group (ASPED Families) was created by parents and supported by parents, students, educators, and community members. ASPED Families strives to support our families, build our community, and promote communication within the Alameda community. Sign up online to receive the ASPED Families newsletter.

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A render of Wood Middle School. Image AUSD.

Wood Middle School construction forum

On November 2 at 5:30 p.m., the school district will update the community on the Wood Middle School construction project and potential changes to the athletic field configuration. It will also be a hybrid meeting, either at Wood School or online. To log in remotely via Microsoft Teams, join here.

AUSD is conducting a CEQA process for the Wood Middle School project, including an environmental review, traffic study, and cultural resources assessment. There will be a 30-day public review period for community input specifically on the project’s environmental aspects. The initial study is expected to be published in early November, followed by a 30-day comment period. For more information, visit the Wood Middle School Construction page on the AUSD website.

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