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Tag: relationships

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Ask Alina — Husband Shocked by Separation

Husband-In-Shock writes to Ask Alina for advice after his wife asks for a trial separation, citing that she is not happy in the marriage. It…

Ask Alina - High Earners, Not Rich Yet

Dear Ask Alina, My wife and I both work and have been comfortable with our combined family income. We bought a house during COVID time,…

Ask Alina - First Christmas After Divorce

Dear Ask Alina, I need help navigating this year’s holidays. I am recently divorced with a 10-year-old daughter. For many years I had a close…

Ask Alina - Fiancé Upset Over Late Dinner

Dear Ask Alina, My fiancé has been upset with me about the lack of time we spend together. However, I have shared with him from…
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