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EBRPD Announces New Equity Officer

After a nationwide search, the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) announced the selection of José G. González as its newly appointed Equity Officer. Tasked with leading initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, González is set to start in his role on December 18.

Alameda Post - José G. González, EBRPD Equity Officer
José G. González, the new EBRPD Equity Officer. Photo courtesy EBRPD.

“We are pleased to share news of this pivotal role and welcome José González to help lead the East Bay Regional Park District to further strengthen its mission and impact, and build upon successes as we continue to prioritize a strong, systemic approach to equity both in our workplace and services to the public,” said Sabrina B. Landreth, EBRPD General Manager

“Equity and inclusion begin from within, so I am thrilled and ready to support and lead the work that the Park District has prioritized for the agency to represent and reflect the diversity of its community,” added González.

As the largest regional park district in the United States, the East Bay park system spans Alameda and Contra Costa counties, catering to an estimated 30 million visitors annually. With 73 parks, 55 miles of shoreline, and over 1,300 miles of trails, the District’s extensive workforce plays a crucial role in providing services and maintaining the vast recreational areas.

González’s mandate in this new role is to enhance access to and utilization of park services for all community members. He will champion inclusive programs, services, and public processes that mirror the diverse demographics of the community. Additionally, González will take the lead in implementing programs and activities aimed at diversifying the workforce, dismantling systemic barriers to employment and promotion, and establishing equitable policies and best practices to position the agency as an employer of choice.

“I am excited to join the East Bay Regional Park District as its inaugural Equity Officer. I look forward to bringing my experience from the local to the national level around equity in the conservation field and community in a way that showcases the opportunity and leadership that the Park District has been developing in this space for all of our community,” said González.

A seasoned professional educator with expertise in education and conservation, González is the Founder of Latino Outdoors and a renowned consultant. His role as a Partner at the Avarna Group focused on Equity & Inclusion frameworks and practices within the environmental, outdoor, and conservation sectors.

González earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis, with additional teaching coursework at the Bilingual, Multicultural, Education Department at Sacramento State University. He furthered his studies with a master’s degree from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment.

In addition to his educational and professional achievements, González serves in key leadership roles for several nonprofits and is a Commissioner for the California Boating & Waterways Commission. Beyond his professional pursuits, González is also recognized as an illustrator and science communicator.

The East Bay Regional Park District is guided by a strong environmental ethic. González’s appointment to EBRPD Equity Officer is a significant step in the pursuit of fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all.

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