Alameda Expands Annual Waste and Bulky Item Clean-up Program

For the first time, Alameda residents who live in multi-family complexes can now take advantage of an annual clean-up program to get rid of unwanted items for free. The City’s Franchise Waste Hauler, Alameda County Industries (ACI), is rolling out new improvements to Alameda’s annual on-call clean-up program. This expansion is part of the City’s overall effort to divert more material away from landfill and achieve the City’s zero waste goals. 

Alameda Post - an infographic with photos of different kinds of waste. It includes boxes, a lawnmower, a desk, a chair, a bike, trash bags, an oven and a tv. The tv and oven are separately labeled as "bulky items." The other items are all part of the three cubic yards of waste material accepted in the On Call Clean Up Program.
Image Alameda County Industries.

The new agreement with ACI includes two important changes: adding multi-family customers to the program and including recovery of reusable items for donation or reuse. These reusable items include clean, undamaged dishware, toys, sports equipment, furniture (non-upholstered), clothing and accessories (must be clean and dry), framed pictures/art, books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs. These items for reuse should be set apart from items for disposal and labeled “Reuse” for ACI to recover and process accordingly.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Public Works Director Erin Smith. “Previously, only residents in single-family homes had access to the program. Now, all Alamedans, regardless of housing type, can get rid of unwanted items for free. We are proud of this expansion and the equity it brings to the program.”

The expanded program also increases the amount of materials customers can include in the annual clean-up. The program now allows up to three cubic yards of material to be placed curbside, including up to three bulky items (up to 150 pounds each), one of which can be electronic waste. The previous clean-up bag system will no longer be utilized by ACI. Instead the placement of materials curbside will allow for better recovery of reusable items and processing of materials. When setting items curbside, residents are reminded not to block sidewalk access or place materials in oncoming traffic. 

ACI continues to offer additional clean-ups and removal of single bulky items as needed. Please contact ACI at 510-483-1400 or visit the ACI website to learn more about these services and how to participate in the annual clean-up program. 


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