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Math Puzzle for May 24, 2024

Remembering those salad days in geometry class, topped with anchovies and adolescent fugues, and awash with Roquefort dressing

Alameda Post - a square with an inscribed square. The inscribes square touches the outer square at all four corners. The sides of the two squares make an angle theta.

Two squares are superimposed, and their sides make an angle θ = 29.35775354º.
The large outer square has an area of 625 square meters.
Find the area A of the small inner square.

A = ___ square meters

The first correct answer sent to [email protected] wins a gift card worth much ice cream at Tucker’s Ice Cream in Alameda.

Last week’s winner was Summer Lam with A = 3394.334 square units.

Jeff Smith is a former Math teacher and a retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander. Reach him at [email protected].

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