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Water is Life

But I’d rather drink _______.

How did you fill in the blank? Does drinking water come easily to you or are you like so many that admittedly would rather drink anything but water?

It is vital to stay hydrated. As the weather heats up, you should drink more water than normal. You’ve probably heard, but it warrants repeating; if you are thirsty, you are likely already dehydrated.

Alameda Post - Reusable water bottles

I drink a lot of water… most days. I drink water when I work out, so my intake is daily. I prefer cold, iced, or even hot water over room temp. But lately, outside of my workouts, I find myself wanting anything other than water.

I love to start most days with a vitamin packed smoothie which I make myself using frozen fruit, a handful of power greens, unsweetened juice, flax, and chia seeds. It gives me fuel to start my day. Breakfast: as a Certified Nutrition Coach, I know that it truly is essential. Don’t skip it. Just find healthy options that work for you.

My guilty pleasure, as beverages go, is iced green tea with boba, lychee and/or mango jellies, and clear pearls. My children introduced me to the world of boba drinks. Sweets had never appealed to me until these dessert drinks. Yes, dessert… they are not a beverage for daily consumption, and I usually enjoy mine at a 25–50% sweetness level and go small. When on vacation, my beverage of choice is POG (passionfruit juice, orange juice and guava nectar).

On rare occasion, I enjoy a cold brew mocha frappe which I’ll make at home. It evokes memories of when I was little and my grandma would let me have a sip of her coffee or she would give me coffee candy which was wrapped in pretty colored foils. So, I agree with those that struggle with drinking water because they say it lacks flavor.

With so many palate enticing options, how will I get myself to stay on track getting the water that is so necessary to a fit life? I remind myself, that I am happiest when I feel strong and healthy and how water plays a part in that. So, note to self, PAY ATTENTION!

Water will rev up your metabolism and help you feel fuller. For me, food is a comfort mechanism, so even if I make healthy food choices, I can easily eat way more than I need to or even really want to. Feeling fuller sooner means I’ll eat less.

Drinking water energizes you. When you are dehydrated you will feel sluggish, because water helps your blood to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. No wonder I feel lazy when I am thirsty. If I’m withholding water, I’m withholding what my body needs to function.

It helps you to have a more efficient workout. Staying hydrated helps prevent muscle cramping and as mentioned, helps with energy which you need to get the full benefit of your movements.

Warning: Potty talk! Water keeps you regular, as it aids in digestion. It’s important to maintain your plumbing. Just sayin’…

Water keeps you healthier. Studies show that fluid intake may play a role in the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

But it’s not just about being healthier on the inside. Water helps you look healthier, which means you will feel more confident. Hydration of your skin cells will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keep you looking younger.

Alameda Post - grapes and raisins

Think about it. Dehydrate a plump, juicy grape and what are you left with? A raisin!

Hmm… that’s all I have to say for now because I suddenly want to go drink some water!

Contributing writer Denise Lum is a Health and Fitness Coach raising her family in Alameda. Contact her via [email protected] or FitnessByDsign.com. Her writing is collected at AlamedaPost.com/Denise-Lum/.

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