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Happy Campers Ruthie and Scrappy Doo Want to Bunk With You

Pets of the week for March 2, 2024

FAAS long-term residents Scrappy Doo and Ruthie are having the time of their lives at dog camp. They’re at a ranch in Modesto with an amazing trainer and her crew, and they’re learning the skills that will make them much easier to adopt.

Alameda Post - a photo of Scrappy Doo and Ruthie
Scrappy Doo (left) and Ruthie are looking for homes! Photos FAAS.

They’re loving life—getting positive training while accompanying folks on their ranch tasks, bounding around, and taking in the sights and smells of life in a rural setting.

Ruthie, a lovely 6-year-old German shepherd mix, is smitten with a nearby horse. And it turns out—to FAAS staff’s joy—that she’s cat friendly and, with proper introduction, dog-friendly too. Super cute and cartoonish Scrappy Doo, at 2 years old, is still an energetic guy but he’s coming along very well.

We all know that FAAS is an incredible shelter, with caring staff who do everything they can for the animals in their care. But life in any kennel is stressful, no matter how great the staff and treatment. Ruthie and Scrappy were having a hard time in the shelter. They couldn’t be themselves. They’re both good dogs and everyone loves them, but the shelter setting was getting to them, week after week, month after month.

Alameda Post - the faces of Ruthie and Scrappy Doo
Looks at those smiles! Photos FAAS.

Staff had success with this dog camp before, so they decided to invest in it for these two. Originally they booked a two-week stay, but the camp staff and FAAS staff couldn’t bear the idea of them returning to their kennels after the happiest time of their lives at the ranch, where they are making such great progress.

So their stay has been extended a while longer, in hopes they can find adopters while they’re at camp. Staff is doing everything possible to get these dogs out to the public. We want to help spread the word.

Please share this far and wide. Let’s not let these dogs who are currently in heaven on earth return to their kennels. If you’re interested in meeting them at the ranch (in Modesto), please call FAAS at 510-337-8565, and they can talk with you and help to arrange a visit. Or visit the adoption page of the FAAS website to see who else might be your new bunkmate.

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