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Expert Biscuit-Maker Maggie Kneads a Home

Pet of the Week for March 23, 2024

Our Pet of the Week is a beautiful sweetheart named Maggie. She’s obviously not a dog, as all of our previous featured pets have been, but at 16-plus pounds, she weighs more than many dogs.

Alameda Post - Maggie the adoptable cat with baking graphics like a chef hat, egg, recipe car, sugar, and flour
Photo FAAS.

One of the reasons this fluffy cuddlebug is so special to us is that we witnessed her amazing transformation from a terrified loner to an affectionate lap cat who absolutely loves to cuddle and will literally greet you with meows and chirps when you walk in the door. A loving foster home made all the difference.

When Maggie first came to FAAS, this is how they described her: “She’s currently only able to live in our comfy but not ideal night-drop area because she strongly dislikes other cats. (OK, we’ll say it. She hates them!) The extra large seven-year-old can be very friendly once she is comfy with you but she’s also temperamental, slow to warm up, and can act aggressively if pushed too far. She needs a lot of patience to warm up. A quiet home with an experienced, patient owner and no other animals will make her the content girl we know she can be in the right home.”

Alameda Post - Maggie sleeping on someone's chest and sitting looking at the camera
Photos FAAS.

That was then. Fast forward a few months to her foster home and you’ll see she is a changed girl. Here’s what her foster person says now: “Maggie is such a sweetheart of a kitty, I can’t say enough good things about her. When we first brought her home she was a little scared during the transition, but she has bloomed into a friendly, social lady. She greets you with cute little meows and chirps when you walk in.”

In other words, Maggie the scaredy-cat has become a love-bug.

“Maggie loves to cuddle more than anything,” her foster person says. “She is a total lap cat. Maggie even likes to give ‘hugs’ by putting her front paws up on your shoulder so that you can snuggle her vast, fluffy tummy. She will give you little kisses on your face and nose, so I hope you don’t mind a little happy kitty drool.”

Alameda Post - Maggie sits on a human's desk while they work
Photo FAAS.

Maggie has even allowed her foster person to clip her nails. That’s a good thing because, “She is an avid biscuit maker and will hold a blanket in her mouth while kneading for a little extra leverage.” She loves to be brushed, especially on her face, and nothing gets her purrs going like a nice grooming session, according to her foster person, and she has become very playful.

“Maggie loves chasing cat wands but tires quickly due to her size,” her foster person says. Yes, she is an XL who would be better off as an M or an L. “She is looking for an adopter who will help her with her diet and exercise to slim down. She is on a special weight-loss food which will help her with her fitness goals. Soon she will be moving more freely and on the way to a long and active life!”

One last thing–and this is huge, as any cat-lover will testify. Maggie has perfect litter box manners. She’s a very tidy girl. And as a bonus, as her foster person notes, “She hardly sheds, even when brushed!”

If you’d like to meet this magnificent burly girl, call FAAS at 510-337-8565.

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