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Birds and the Bees – Bear’s-Eye View

May is upon us, and a beautiful day here in Alameda. It’s springtime and a young pup’s interest turns to romance, which means it’s time for the lecture on the Birds and the Bees.


Over the year that I have been the roving reporter, I have come across some great video opportunities to capture Alameda’s entomological and avian representatives. I have been waiting for the time I could include them in a single report.

It seems like The Birds and the Bees is a good title, and an appropriate place to toss in a butterfly video or two. While these are pretty interesting, I want to draw your attention to video 5 where the Honey Bee is on the magenta colored flower. You need to check out the pollen contained in those saddle bags.

Bees are very important to the successful propagation of many plant species. If we lose these little guys, there goes a bunch of plant species as well.

Fortunately, I am not reactive to birds or butterflies, but I have been know to try and catch a bee that flies by. I have been warned on more than one occasion about the consequences of such attempts, but sometimes instinct just kicks in.

If you are like my human companion, I invite you to pop some popcorn and top it with a combination of garlic-infused vegan butter from Miyoko’s and finely chopped fresh Rosemary from the garden.

OH! And don’t forget to share some with your furry friend.



Mouf and his human companion can be reached via [email protected]. Their stories are collected at All photos/videos by Jeff Cambra.

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