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Alameda PD Offers Roadside Assistance – Bear’s-Eye View

As a roving reporter, there are times that I am just in the right place at the right time to cover an otherwise unnoticed event. Such was the case last week. A woman on a scooter snapped off the key to the U Lock inside the passageway and was stranded in the parking lot across from the Alameda Theater. Who do you call? Probably not AAA.

Alameda Post - APD officer removing broken key from bike lock

In this particular case, officers from the Alameda Police Department were on the scene attempting to get the broken key out. This officer had a fancy tool kit laid out and was doing his best to clear the lock. I couldn’t stay for the entire process, but the scooter was not there the next day. Thanks APD for handling some of the unusual requests you field on a daily basis.

Alameda Post - pile of pipes Alameda Post - 1617 Central Avenue under renovation

In my continuing coverage of the renovation of the house located at 1617 Central Avenue, progress continues on the renovation. In the past two weeks, the old plumbing pipes and more of the interior were removed. On Thursday, new joists were installed on the circular porch marking the beginning of the new construction phase of this massive and expensive project.

Alameda Post - two dogs in car Alameda Post - dog in Starbucks

In my other wanderings around town, I barked at some friends in the car next to me on Encinal Ave. and was really envious of the pooch in the stroller that made it into Starbucks at Bridgeside. Very cool ride. I wondered if he got a “pupaccino.”

I found a new rock art addition to the garden I walk by on Alameda Avenue, and just down the street, the cottage on the corner had a new sign up. Something about a dog mafia. Not sure why it’s upside down. Any explanation would be appreciated.

Alameda Post - snail carrying smaller snail

I have heard parents complain about kids that don’t leave home, but the snail family I found this week was an extreme example of the burden kids can put on their parents.

In the “OH MY” department, I found some boxes of personal items left in the planting strip in front of an apartment building. While this is a common practice here in Alameda, what was put out for the taking was somewhat unusual.

Alameda Post - free items on curb

Along with the sewing kit and unused cards was a box labeled “sex toys.” Now, I didn’t open the box, so there is no first hand account of what was actually in the box. What I can confirm is that when I walked by the area three hours later that particular box was gone.

Alameda Post - Jeff Cambra walk by Debra Artigliere's house

Finally, I walked around east Alameda to do a walkby of Debra Wallace Artigliere’s family house. It’s a really nice area, and I plan to do more reports from the east end of our fair island. If you would like me to do a walk by of your Alameda home, please email my human companion at [email protected].

Have a great week!

Alameda Post - Mouf paw print
Mouf, Roving Reporter
Bear’s-Eye View of Alameda

Mouf and his human companion can be reached via [email protected]. Their stories are collected at All photos by Jeff Cambra.

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