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Scope Out SF Ferry Changes

Binoculars onboard, fare increase July 1, special schedule July 4 weekend, new gate signs at Ferry Building

Have you ever taken the ferry across the Bay and wished you had binoculars to get a better look at the scenery? If so, you’re in luck! San Francisco Bay Ferry vessels now have binoculars onboard for riders to use—free of charge—as they cross the Bay. The binocs are great for everyone and will no doubt turn your ferry ride into a sightseeing adventure. Next time you ride, make sure to ask for a pair from a crew member. 

Alameda Post - Use a pair of binoculars when you ride the SF Ferry

Fare increase

Some standard fares for the Francisco Bay Ferry will be raised by 3% on July 1. The hike is part of a five-year plan established in 2021 that initially lowered fares during the pandemic but allocated for prices to eventually rise by 3% annually through 2026. 

The 3% increase in fares will affect trips from Alameda Seaplane, Harbor Bay, Oakland,  Alameda, and Richmond. Those fares will increase to $4.60, while South San Francisco fares will rise to $7 and Vallejo fares will go up to $9.30.

Pier 41 Short Hop and Alameda Short Hop fares will not increase, and 50% discounts for youths, seniors, disabled persons, and Clipper STAR members will remain in effect when using Clipper or mobile payment methods. Additionally, all paper ticket surcharges have been eliminated.

Reserved event fare fees will also see an increase by 10$ to 15% for ferry rides to and from Golden State Warriors and Giants games at their respective stadiums.

Fourth of July schedule

The San Francisco Bay Ferry announced that it will operate on a weekend schedule throughout the extended Independence Day weekend—Saturday, July 1 through Tuesday, July 4. The change in schedule will affect the Oakland, Alameda, Richmond, Pier 41, and Vallejo routes. Ferry service will not be offered on the Alameda Seaplane, Harbor Bay, and South San Francisco routes.

There will also be a special post-fireworks bay crossing from San Francisco to the Main Street station in Alameda and Oakland on July 4. The ferry will leave Pier 41 at 10:45 p.m. and will depart from the Ferry Building in Downtown San Francisco—Gate G—at 11 p.m. PM. More details about the Independence Day weekend schedule are available on the SF Bay Ferry website

New gate signage

Alameda Post - the San Francisco Ferry Building
San Francisco Ferry Building. Photo JaGa/Wikipedia.

If you’ve ever been looking for your ferry home and couldn’t tell which gate to use, you may like the new wayfinding signage at the Downtown S.F. Ferry Terminal. Gate assignments haven’t changed, but new signage is designed to better define where you need to get in line for your ferry ride home. 

Numbers are being added to the signs to help better identify each line at each gate. For example, Gate G is now renamed to G1, and is the place to line up for all departures to the Main Street station in Alameda, and Oakland. 

Real-time departure information also will be on electronic boards at some terminals, including Downtown San Francisco (Ferry Building) and Alameda Seaplane. More improvements are planned for the future, so stay tuned.

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