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Alameda Takes Action Against Sideshow Promoter

In a statement released on Thursday afternoon, the City of Alameda announced that charges have been filed against an illegal sideshow promoter, accusing him of being a public safety hazard.

As detailed by reporting in the Alameda Post, Alameda Point has suffered numerous unlawful and unpermitted sideshow events that often include hundreds of vehicles and large crowds of spectators, including several events over the last six months.

Alameda Post - people cather around a car with their phones out an an Alameda Point sideshow
Bystanders watch and record videos while a driver exhibits his sideshow skill at the intersection of Monarch Street and West Tower Avenue on Sunday, January 28. Photo Richard Bangert.

On May 15, 2024, Assistant City Prosecutor Montague Hung filed criminal charges against Luis Lozano-Vargas, a promoter of illegal sideshow events, according to a statement from the City. The Alameda Police Department has also been assisting in the investigation.

The complaint details several instances in which Lozano-Vargas allegedly promoted illegal sideshow events at Alameda Point, drawing hundreds of cars and large crowds to the area. These events have been a frequent occurrence and nuisance in the city, and the large scale events have also been cited as a public safety concern, due to reckless driving, excessive noise and trash, property damage, and more.

“Community Safety has consistently been one of the City Council’s highest priorities,” said City Attorney Yibin Shen. “City Prosecutors are committed to working collaboratively with our justice partners at the Alameda Police Department to curb unlawful sideshow activities and enhance community safety.”

“The Alameda Police Department values the partnership and collaboration with the Alameda City Attorney’s Office in our joint efforts to protect public safety,” Chief of Police Nishant Joshi said. “With respect to illegal sideshow activities, APD has and will continue to vigilantly protect the community against such unlawful events.”

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