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A Valentine to Alameda

Alameda Post - a valentine image. One rock with drawn hands and feet hands a heart to another rock

I grew up with another love, Richmond was her name, but since we met my island, nothing’s been the same.
You courted me with all your charms, streets with dappled trees, shops and parks, oh goodness, I trembled in both knees.
And then we took the bold step, to live our lives together, the honeymoon divine, the breeze a bird’s soft feather.
O’er the years of our domestic partnership, we’ve grown so close dear borough, of two distinctive zips.
I live in 502, but worked in 501, happily bi-geographic, 10 square miles of flatland fun.
You’ve changed much over time, as I have too my mate, your western end enhanced, both sides now equally great.
Each day you make me smile, and often also swoon, but sweetie about the potholes, can you please fix them real soon?

Gene Kahane is the founder of the Foodbank Players, a life-long teacher, and former Poet Laureate for the City of Alameda. Reach him at [email protected]. His writing is collected at

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