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‘The Mysteries of Life‘

This poem is about the past, self-awareness, and the future. It’s important that people learn who they are, so they can determine who they need to become. I believe that is how we can all do our part in developing a better society; we must first understand and develop ourselves.

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So who are you? And who am I?
Life is a mystery.
The secret mysteries of history have placed us all in predicaments that we had no control over.
So who are you? And who am I?
So much has been disguised.
Folks put wool over our eyes.
Too many lies.
I mean,  fibs … compromised.
Agreements … made without the consent of all parties.
All people.
How deceitful.
History is why we need equity over equal.
It hasn’t ever been equal.
History is a sequel.
Not only does it allow us to understand a different time, but helps us make sense of who and where we are in the present.
So who are you? And who am I?
So many journals and stories of  history have been hidden.
Buried deep in the woods or only live in our spiritual memories.
Only the brave have the courage to dig deep, to find the missing pieces or awaken the ancestry.
We are our ancestors.
We are our descendants.
We are all connected.
Everything living.
So, let’s all time travel mentally.
“A good education is something that nobody can ever take away from you.”
Lets allow the knowledge of various centuries to help to light the way to victory.
Improve humanity.
Be willing to fight for what’s right, on any given day.
“Never start any fights, but always finish them,” like Marcus & Evie’s dad would say.
“Luv dolphin” be “peaceful, but never afraid.”
“There’s power in all of us, we just have to use it.”
So who are you? And who am I?
I feel like Miss Hannah Jones in her prime.
Freedom over survive.
A Cleopatra throughout time.
A captain, yelling “hold the line.”
My spirit constantly reminds me of who I am, but who are you?
Just make sure you don’t allow the insecurities of others to dictate your potential.
There’s greatness within you.
We can’t change who we come from, but we can better our family lineage.
I’m talking to all cultures, races, and religions.
All shades and pigments.
Learn who you are, so you can determine who you need to become.
Spread love.
The future depends on us.
May we “never forget, the heart is more profound with love in it.”
Even without a mysterious note, I hope you find the mysteries and adventures of life meaningful, exciting, and sometimes absurd.
I heard … that “our individual imagination is what separates us from the herd.”
So who are you?
Because I know who I am,
and I believe
in all that I can become.

I desire that for all of us!
Thank you.
Peace, blessings, and love.

Author’s note: ‘The Mysteries of Life’ poem was created as a response to the book Mysteries of a Middle Schooler by Dr. Tonmar Johnson. I enjoyed the book and had the opportunity to recite the poem at Dr. Johnson’s book signing event at Solano Community College (Fairfield, California. See details about how this transpired and watch the poem being recited at Tae_PoeticallyDivine on Instagram.

See Shanti Lair-Croom’s previous work, and stay up-to-date with her on Instagram.

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