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Springtime Pondering

Alameda Post - tulip with rain drops on it


It doesn’t always rain like this.
Sometimes it’s really hard,
Flushing madly out the downspouts
And flooding into yards.

But when it comes in fits and starts
You sometimes have the chance
To run outside or take a walk
And watch the raindrops dance.

Then, sometimes, when the clouds break up,
You see a little sky
Reminding you there’s light up there
To help your day go by.

And then, sometimes, a rainbow fills the air,
Reminding you there’s beauty everywhere.

Alameda Post - two kids in a garden
Plants and Kids

Did it always bloom like that?
That blue one, over there?
I remember when we planted it
And thought we were aware
Of how things grew and then became
What we both thought they’d be
To only be surprised by what,
Eventually, we’d see.

You nurture, groom, and clip and trim
And shape them ’til you feel
They will develop into what
Is best and is most real.

It seems we’re not in charge here anymore.
So just step back, enjoy them all the more.

Alameda Post - sunshine on the beach
Shine, Sun

Somehow, the sun is parent to each one,
Aware of everything you try to do,
While watching you as you both rise and fall
When scrambling and becoming your own you.

It shines on other worlds when here it’s night
And hides behind the clouds on many days.
It shines to help us see what’s wrong and right,
To help us in so many different ways.

So there is no excuse to wander, blind
To others’ oh-so many wants and needs.
When clearing out the clouds we’re sure to find
Some places that could use some helpful deeds.

The sun is like your eyes are in the morn:
You clear the clouds and then you feel reborn.

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