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April Showers and Other Thoughts

Alameda Post - a ladybug on a wet piece of grass

A Little Rain

That rain just cleaned up everything.
It washed the dust away
To make my world shine, once again,
To start my brand-new day.
Amazing how that works for me,
Like sleeping well at night,
Then waking to a glistening sun
That makes things seem all right.

If all it took was just some rain
To straighten this world out
I’d always hope for cloudy days
To bring some peace about.

The rain does more than help the flowers grow,
It lights my soul inside and makes it glow.

One Day in the Life of

They don’t stay very small for long.
That’s not the way things work.
They grow, and try things on their own,
While trying not to shirk
The learning and the lessons that
Their parents use to guide
Them on their paths, and helping them
With what they can provide.
Sometimes it seems it takes too long.
Sometimes it goes too fast.
Just know this time is both of yours,
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Forever memories are built this way.
It’s almost like your life — in just one day.

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