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Views of Zacatlan

Eight years ago Dick Davis and Mary Carmen Olvera Trejo started a Mosaic Mural Project in the small town of Zacatlan De Las Manzanas, about three hours northeast of Mexico City.  The Pueblo (village) sits at the edge of a Barranca (canyon) which marks the beginning of the mountains that separate this region from the Gulf of Mexico and Vera Cruz.  The first Mosaic section was started under the guidance of American muralist Isaiah  in his abstract style. The project was so well received that Dick Davis sponsored another section, wrapping up the street from the first area onto the cemetery walls with local Nahautl cultural motifs, then another with stories about the people and industries in this agricultural area, known for its Apples.  The walls around the cemetery were now full.  Local businesses in a close by old section of town agreed to have more murals about the history of the town on the walls of their shops put into a series of pedestrian alleyways.  So much interest was generated that the town reworked the street leading from the main square to the mural project.  Word has gotten out. With nearly a mile of Murals Zacatlan is a popular destination well worth visiting. Margarete & Fred Fago exhibit photos and paintings from their trip.


Nov 11 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Frank Bette Center for the Arts
Frank Bette Center For the Arts, Paru Street, Alameda, CA, USA


Frank Bette Center for the Arts
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