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Spring Break: Squishy Making Music Camp

Get ready for a harmonious and creative journey at ” Symphony of Squishies,” a unique camp experience for K-5th graders. This camp blends the joy of music appreciation and exposure with the fun of squishy making. It’s a mix of auditory and tactile learning, offering kids a chance to explore their musical talents and indulge in hands-on craft activities.

Camp Features:

  • Musical Development: Foster a love for music and enhance listening skills with diverse musical activities.
  • Creative Crafting: Encourage artistic expression and creativity through the fun process of making squishies.
  • Physical Activity: Ensure a balanced experience with outdoor games and activities.
  • Social Skills: Promote teamwork and social interaction during music sessions and outdoor play.

Daily Overview:

Morning: Music Appreciation and Exploration: Hands-on experience with different instruments, learn basic music theory, enjoy singing sessions, and explore various music genres.

Midday: Lunch and Field Games at Littlejohn Park: A great way to burn energy, practice teamwork, and enjoy the outdoors.

Afternoon Session: Squishy Making Workshop

• Day 1: Introduction to the science behind squishy materials. Experiment with basic shapes like balls, cubes, and pyramids.

• Day 2: Create squishies inspired by favorite foods – pizza slices, fruits, cupcakes, etc.

• Day 3: Design animal-themed squishies, from cute kittens to wild creatures.

• Day 4: Let imaginations run wild with fantasy and superhero-themed squishies.

• Day 5: Collaborate on a giant squishy!

Details & Logistics:

• Age Group: 5-10 years.

• Drop Off: 8:45–9:00am | Pick Up: 4:00pm | Extended Hours: 8:30am–5:30pm.

• Lunch: Bring a labeled water bottle, two hearty snacks, and a nut-free lunch.

• Attire: Comfortable, movement-friendly clothing. Note: We’re a “no-shoes” facility, recommend trampoline socks.

• Belongings: Leave toys and personal items at home or in the lobby cubbies.




Apr 12 2024


8:30 am - 5:30 pm


The Village Kids Club @ Ruby's
1102 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda, CA


The Village Kids' Club
The Village Kids' Club
[email protected]
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