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Better brand storytelling for unconventional Alameda businesses by Rusty Blazenhoff

I’m thrilled to have launched my new business consultancy Wonder(ful) Why right here in Alameda.

As a longtime resident of our island city, I know firsthand what makes “Mayberry by the Bay” so special and I look forward to helping local businesses connect with their customers in meaningful ways.

I know Alameda. My daughter started at Edison, then moved up to Lincoln, and is now set to graduate in June from Alameda High. I’m a proud card-carrying Elk. I like long walks on Robert W. Crown beach. I laugh every single time I see a flock of turkeys. I even write about quirky island happenings here on Alameda Post.

I feel confident in saying that I’m uniquely qualified to help local businesses do business better.

What I do at Wonder(ful) Why is tell stories. Your stories, to be exact. My goal is to help you connect with your customers in a way that goes beyond just selling a product or service. I believe in doing business in a way that serves the needs of the community first, and that’s what makes Alameda such a special place. I’m here to help you tap into that and build a strong, authentic brand.

Let’s take your business to the next level to make a difference in our community. Let’s work together to tell your stories and connect with your customers in a way that’s beneficial for everyone.

I truly believe that wonderful things happen when you start to wonder ‘why.’ By asking ‘why’ instead of just focusing on ‘what’ or ‘how,’ you can create a brand that’s not just about your products or services, but about who you are as a business. Let me help you build a unique and authentic brand that captures the hearts and minds of your customers.

Let’s grab a coffee at Julie’s to discuss.

Wonder(ful) Why
Alameda, CA 94501
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